In this video I rant about the biggest myths, lies, and misconceptions in the fitness industry. When you are a beginner in fitness, you have no idea what to believe and what sources to trust – so (if you are like me when I was starting out) you just believe everyone.

Many fitness YouTubers, or basically people in the health industry in general try to sell you the idea of “the secret” and they are the only ones who know how to lose weight or gain muscle.

All your gym buddies are drinking BCAAs, L-Carnitine, Glutamine and all kinds of other supplements, so you start thinking that you also need them. Especially when you’ve seen so many ads and promotions about them. But are they really worth it?

Is it really true that if you focus on training the long head of your biceps that your biceps will become longer – or not really? Or that you need to only train the short head to build the peak of the biceps…

Lastly, don’t trust people who say that you can’t achieve anything without taking steroids. Usually these are people who don’t have what it takes, don’t have the proper mindset and enough willpower and just because they didn’t reach their goals they are now trying to discourage you from reaching yours. Obviously you won’t become the next Mr. Olympia or win Powerlifting/Strongman meets in un/tested federations, but even though you might think otherwise, you can still become very very very strong and get an awesome looking physique if you stay natty. If you don’t think so, just try it!

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